My Hobbies


I’ve been an avid woodworker for the past 10 years. It’s a skill I learned from my Dad and a passion I’ve developed over the last decade. I started out making a cat tower and have graduated to dovetails, chess boards and furniture. It’s been a really rewarding progression and has resulted in some beautiful pieces that I’m particularly proud of.

Imgur Gallery

Cutting Board

Chess Board

Memory Box


In addition to my wood working I’ve maintained a homelab running on a VMWare server in my basement as well. It’s been an excellent environment for me to “play” with new technologies and to try them out in a low risk environment. I’m currently running containerized Plex, FreeNAS, and several web apps, like this WordPress server and a reverse proxy. In addition, I run a self-hosted version of BlueIris for IP cam monitoring and an internal domain controller to manage DNS. I run this in coordination with a SmartThings Hub for control of my many Zigbee plugs/lights. One of the next projects on the HomeLab docket is to migrate to Home Assistant, since I’ve been having problems with SmartThings recently.

Server Cart Front

Server Cart Back

3D Printing – New Hobby

I’ve been interested in 3D printing for a couple years now, but didn’t feel ready to dive in. Having spent some time with 3D CAM with my CNC I finally decided this past Christmas that it was time to buy a cheap 3D printer and dive in. Especially since it’s a hobby that can easily be done without a ton of extra space. I purchased a Creality Ender 3 v2 and the CRtouch probe and have it setup and printing. Now it seems the next hurdle is to finally master Fusion 360 so that I can design and print my own objects. I’m also interested in combining 3d printing and wood working to see if I can find some cool hybrid projects that add visual interest to my woodworking.

Leather Working – New Hobby

Another new hobby I’m enjoying is leather working. It seems like a calmer, quieter hobby that will allow me to exercise the design/artsy side of my brain. I’ve already been working on a tool pouch and a new keychain with some leather scraps I was gifted. I’m going to try and work on a new wallet case for my phone that’s customized specifically to all of the stuff I like to carry at one time.

Leather Catch-all

Leather Pocket Organizer