About Me

My name is Sam Cofer and I’m currently a resident of Opelika, AL. I’m the happy father of a beautiful daughter and the husband of a wonderful wife, Katherine. I enjoy all of my hobbies and pretty much anything related to technology.

I’ve moved around quite a bit in my life, I grew up in Maryland, attended college at Harding University in Arkansas, and then moved to Chicago for my first job with my new bride. We spent 4 years in Chicago before moving to Alabama to follow the next steps in my wife’s education, where I started working at Auburn in the Office of Information Technology. A couple years later we bought a house and had our first child, and life’s been a whirlwind every since she was born.

I’ve spent my whole career working in IT and enjoying every minute of it as I’ve moved up the ranks from Entry-Level to Senior to Manager, and I’m looking forward to the next steps in my career as the years roll forward.